FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Hold markers with tip facing up. Gently press tip to release pressure.
  2. Before each use, always shake well with cap on (cap and nib end up).
  3. Press tip up and down on a scrap paper until tip fills with ink (it may take up to 30 secs).
They are ideal for smooth non-porous surfaces like Glass, Plastic, Metal, Mirrors, Whiteboards, Chalkboard Stickers, Tiles, Message Boards, LED Writing Boards, Window, Ceramic, Menu Boards, Vinyl, Granite etc.
Chalk Paint and Chalkboards are produced by a wide variety of manufacturers. Therefore, it is necessary to check if it is porous or non-porous. We advise that it is best to test in a small area before using on any surface. Porous surfaces can absorb the ink and would tend to leave some trace on the surface when wiped. Having said that many customers use Ninja Chalk markers to create permanent designs!
It is easy to erase with a dry or damp cloth/kitchen towel.
Windex, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser with some water or Baby wipes work well on most surfaces. Please test any of these cleaning techniques in a small area to avoid damage to the surface.
Absolutely! The markers are non-toxic with no harsh chemicals and conform to ASTM D4326, MSDS, EN71 safety and quality standards. They are very safe for kids 3+.
Yes, they work great on paper. However as paper is a porous surface, it will be permanent and cannot be erased.
Pull out the tip and turn it around to use the other side. It is interchangeable, you can use the chisel or bullet tip.
You can seal a porous surface (like some painted Chalkboards) so that you can easily wipe off your liquid chalk markers or you can also seal on top of your chalk markers designs so they can't be erased. We recommend using an Acrylic Sealer or Acrylic Spray, follow the manufacturer's instructions for number of coats and other steps. Always test a small area before using it.
Shake the marker well with the cap on for 20-30 seconds to resolve this issue.
Please recap tightly after use and store your markers horizontally at room temperature.